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Fujitsu Advanced Theft Protection

Today’s computing assets contain more sensitive and valuable information than ever before – making each computer a potential liability without proper protection. Fujitsu recognizes the necessity for enhanced security and offers a solution to cover security needs specifically tailored for mobile use.

Advanced Theft Protection uses a modular approach to responds to the precise requirements of large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Advanced Theft Protection provides the following functionalities:
  • Disable it!
    Disable the notebook with a remote command and easily unlock it after recovery
    Based on tamper-resistant hardware
  • Erase it!
    Remotely and automatically erase sensitive data to ensure legal compliance via Audit Log
  • Find it!
    GPS and Wi-Fi based tracking includes past and current locations
  • Recover it!
    Theft Recovery Team and local police authorities recover the stolen notebook
  • Track it!

    Monitor and track your assets. Detect software and hardware changes to ensure policy and legal compliance