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  6. SAS RAID 0/1 controller (based on LSI 1064e)

SAS RAID 0/1 controller (based on LSI 1064e)

The controller LSI SAS RAID 0/1 based on LSI MegaRAID® doubles the performance of today’s dual channel Ultra320 SCSI HBAs by connecting an 4-lane 2.5Gb/s PCI Express bus with up to eight 3Gb/s SAS/SATA ports. It offers leading SAS and SATA RAID and non-RAID data off-load for medium to high-capacity internal server storage applications.

Features & Benefits

Vlastnosti Výhody
  • Double the performance for dual channel HBAs
  • Due to four-track 2.5GB/s PCI-Express bus with up to eight 3GB/s SAS/SATA ports
  • SAS and SATA hard disk support
  • The SAS HBA supports 1.5 and 3GB/s SAS and SATA hard disk drives
  • Freedom of HDD connector choice
  • Thanks to general electrical and physical connections there is a freedom of choice as regards HDD connector technology
  • Cost reductions for business-critical operations with simultaneous performance delivery
  • Thanks to the flexibility of eight SAS ports, which control an internal SAS/SATA drive configuration

Technical details

Controller SiliconLSI SAS1064E (4 port internal)
LSI SAS1068E (8 port internal)
Bus typePCIe 1.0a
Key RAID Data Protection FeatureRAID Fault Tolerant- and Flexibility-Features
-RAID levels 0, 1 and 1E
-Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) (only supported with one logical drive per RAID array)
- Online RAID level migration (RLM)
- Variable Stripe Size for all logical drives
- Fast initialization for quick array setup
- Advanced error recognition of drives (Patrol Read)
- Background initialization for RAID 1and 1E
- Hot spare dives configurable
- up to 8 physical disk drives with the 8 port controller, up to 4 with the 4 port controller
- up to 2 logical RAID drives per controller