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OmniPass Fingerprint & PBA security application

Softex® OmniPass® Fingerprint & Pre-boot Authentication (PBA) Software for LIFEBOOKs

Softex OmniPass provides password management capabilities to Microsoft Windows operating systems. OmniPass enables you to use a “master password” for all Windows, application and on-line passwords. A master password is an OmniPass authentication method which simplifies the procedures used to access password protected resources. The master password will be used to enter many password-protected sites (depending on site structure) or program once you have registered those resources with OmniPass.

OmniPass extends the Windows interactive logon model by requiring users to authenticate themselves before granting access to the Windows desktop. OmniPass enables strong authentication by allowing users to authenticate with single or multiple authentication methods. Only fingerprint and pre-boot authentication (PBA) is supported in the supplied version of OmniPass.
OmniPass presents a convenient graphical user interface through which you can securely manage passwords, users, and multiple identities for each user.

Features of OmniPass

OmniPass supplements your Windows-based system with a rich feature set, enhancing your computing experience with the following functions:

  • Easy to use “master password” for all Windows, application, and online passwords
  • Easy to import and export existing passwords
  • Secure storage of unlimited passwords and related information
  • Extensible security through integration with fingerprint recognition device and pre-boot authentication (PBA) support
  • Compatible with Microsoft Passport support for Internet Explorer and Windows Vista
  • User-friendly GUI for password, user and identity management
  • Seamless integration with Windows, providing secure Windows Logon
  • Support for Windows platforms: Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
  • International language support
  • Preinstalled on each LIFEBOOK supporting fingerprint device