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Drive encryption

In a mobile world, you take your data with you wherever you go. It just takes on look in the wrong direction and your notebook or tablet can be stolen. Can you really afford to let your files fall in the wrong hands?

Encrypted data

SecureDrive is software, which allows you to safe your valuable files on an encrypted virtual drive. Without authentification, these files are out of reach for everybody.

Virtual Hard disk

To achieve this security, you don’t have to install new hardware or reinstall your system. SecureDrive creates a container-file on your hard-drive, where your encrypted files will be stored. This container-file will then be – once authentification is succesful – linked to a Drive – Letter, so that you have easy access to your data.

Own secure drive for each user

On a system that is used by many users, certain files might be too sensitive to share them. SecureDrive allows each user to have multiple own encrypted drives.