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CA Unicenter Manage Now® for ITCM

Integrated solutions for professional client management

Save resources and costs and integrate Fujitsu’s DeskView Client into leading enterprise management solutions.

DeskView Integration for CA Unicenter Manage Now integrates into CA Unicenter´s enterprise management solution.

Managing Fujitsu clients with DeskView Integration for CA Unicenter Manage Now® for ITCM

  • Save resources, costs and time to manage your Fujitsu clients efficiently in a leading enterprise management solution
  • Single access interface to a single source of information (database) with multiple on/offline client support
  • Keep track of your IT assets – control your most important inventory values of your systems
  • Use predefined or create your own reports for quick and reliable results for decision making
  • Archive and update your BIOS or even single BIOS settings during running operation for uninterrupted working
  • Increase security and centralize BIOS management from a single authorized point
  • Monitor system state and health status of your clients.
  • Secure your system and thereby minimize the risk of virus infections by disabling interfaces and USB devices