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Bringing data closer to business – with SAP HANA and Fujitsu

The persistently increasing quantity of data from enterprise applications as well as from the web is a great opportunity but also a challenge at the same time. Comprehensive data from different sources, such as operational systems, data warehouses and the web, enable intensive analysis, but it is difficult to manage and often causes unacceptable response times. In-memory computing helps to overcome such hurdles, as huge amounts of real-time data can be processed in the main memory of a server, thus dramatically accelerating data access for analysis. From the business point of view this enables faster decisions based on in-depth data analysis.

To leverage advantages of in-memory technology SAP announced SAP HANA™ appliance software. Fujitsu and SAP co-innovate on this hardware and software appliance for instant access. Bringing data into the main memory of a server means bringing data closer to where it is needed: to business! Fujitsu and SAP build on their joint experience with prior appliances based on in-memory technology, e.g. numerous successful Business Warehouse Accelerator Infrastructure projects. Likewise, Fujitsu ensures the optimized infrastructure and comprehensive service offerings needed to support SAP HANA for the benefit of their joint customers.

Fujitsu infrastructure offerings for SAP HANA are based on powerful PRIMERGY RX600  servers and range from cost efficient entry offerings to multi node environments which can currently scale up to 8 TB main memory and provide enterprises with efficient high availability for their productive SAP HANA environment.