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Dynamic Infrastructures for Oracle

Oracle, the world's largest enterprise software company, and Fujitsu Technology Solutions, the leading European IT infrastructure provider, have been collaborating closely for about two decades. Our customers can enjoy integrated end-to-end solutions from the application to the IT infrastructure stack. This makes Fujitsu Technology Solutions the natural choice for optimizing your Oracle infrastructure.

Oracle OPTIMIZATION-Service Oracle

How can you increase the performance of your Oracle applications? And, despite growing complexity, how can you improve software licensing and control the use of your software? Fujitsu can help you achieve the transparency you need with value-adding services.

Oracle Warehouse Infrastructure Dynamic Infrastructures

Using data across the enterprise, reliably and in real time: the Oracle Warehouse Infrastructure from Fujitsu offers businesses economical, powerful solutions that can be deployed immediately to enable just that. Four best-practice configurations, developed to meet different customer needs, are available as pre-installed solutions. The Oracle Warehouse Infrastructure from Fujitsu allows enterprises to focus on leveraging their data optimally – at an unbeatable price.