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Videa, podcasty a upoutávky společnosti Fujitsu

film-paraphernaliaVytvořili jsme několik videí obsahujících případové studie a rozhovory, podcasty a upoutávky, jejichž cílem je informovat vás o nejnovějších inovacích v našich službách a řešeních IT. V této kolekci videí můžete vyhledávat pomocí rozevíracích nabídek umístěných níže.

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Industrial Tablet Video April 20, 2015

Industrial Tablet Video

The FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC V535 enables new levels of productivity in industrial settings.
Unified Communications and Collaboration April 29, 2014

Save Energy, Stay Connected

More than ever before, enterprises need intelligent tools that enable a smarter, more integrated approach to communications.
LIFEBOOK and STYLISTIC Family February 21, 2014

All New in Touch

Fujitsu’s All New in Touch portfolio covers 2-in-1 devices, specialized tablets and notebooks, all enabling new dynamic work styles.
Mr Sleek LIFEBOOK U904 February 13, 2014

Mr Sleek - LIFEBOOK U904

The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U904 is an attractively fully-featured Ultrabook™ for business professionals.
Mr Tough STYLISTIK Q584 February 13, 2014

Mr Tough - STYLISTIC Q584

The FUJITSU tablet STYLISTIC Q584 enables highly mobilized roles to stay productive by providing numerous special features.
Ms Dynamic LIFEBOOK T904 February 13, 2014

Ms Dynamic - LIFEBOOK T904

The FUJITSU tablet STYLISTIC Q704 helps you to get the job done, regardless of location and weather conditions.
Mr Endurance LIFEBOOK S904 February 13, 2014

Mr Endurance - LIFEBOOK S904

The FUJITSU LIFEBOOK S904 is a lightweight, touch-enabled notebook for frequent travelers.
Ms Adaptable STYLISTIC Q704 February 11, 2014

Ms Adaptable - STYLISTIC Q704

The FUJITSU tablet STYLISTIC Q704 helps you to get the job done, regardless of location and weather conditions.
LIFEBOOK and STYLISTIC Family February 07, 2014

All New in Touch

All New in Touch

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ETERNUS DX November 06, 2013

Disk Storage: ETERNUS DX Family

ETERNUS – Business-centric Storage
ETERNUS CS8000 November 06, 2013

Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS CS8000 V6

Unified Data Protection Appliance
BS2000 October 08, 2013

Fujitsu BS2000 High Availability

”Best-in-class“ business continuity through HighAvailability (HA)

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Fujitsu DynamicFabric July 29, 2013

Fujitsu DynamicFabric

Virtualize Network Connections and IT Capacity
LIFEBOOK E Line May 22, 2013


Elegant Design and Functionality without Compromises
Two speach bubbles, one with the AKG logo and the other saying: Customer: AKG. Country: Germany. Industry: Manufacturing. Employees: 2600. May 01, 2013

AKG Case Study

Originally founded in 1919, AKG has gone on to become a world leader in cooling and heating exchange systems. This family company ow employs over 2,600 people and manufactures its high performance cooling systems at 13 locations spread over 8 countries.
STYLISTIC Q702 March 07, 2013


The Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702 is the perfect choice for mobile professionals looking for high-performance without compromising on versatility.
GDV September 26, 2012

German Insurance Association (GDV)

More than three decades of experience and excellence in data center operation have tipped the scales in favor of Fujitsu.
Fujitsu Manufactoring in Europe December 19, 2011

Fujitsu Manufacturing in Europe

Developing, testing and manufacturing of latest IT technology in our factory in Augsburg, Germany