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Trade-Ins and Upgrades offer

Fujitsu continues to think of you beyond your original investment with us. Whether you are looking to trade-in your older equipment as you refresh to the latest technology, or acquire additional products that match your current installed base. Fujitsu Remarketing provides a range of completely flexible solutions helping you decide what suits your needs best, and to deliver the most from your infrastructure.

Whatever your needs are regarding your existing IT environment, only working with the original equipment manufacturer assures you of the quality and confidence you would expect.

If your business needs to migrate to the latest technology, the investment required can be offset in part by trading-in your older equipment. At three years of age, typically at the end of a lease or a write-down period, there is still a level of value that can be released from the sale of your older equipment. You can trade-in older equipment to provide a return on your original investment, and this can be from any of the major IT brands, not just Fujitsu.

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