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How Trade-Ins works

Fujitsu Remarketing within Fujitsu is a not-for-profit service that works to secure the best value for the customer for any older product(s) in the open used equipment market, whether for Fujitsu products or those from any other major European market brand.
  1. Fujitsu Remarketing requires an accurate inventory of your equipment for repurchase, documented and submitted on the Trade In Request Form (see download on this page). Fujitsu Remarketing will also need to know your named Fujitsu Account Manager, or preferred reseller if you purchased the equipment indirectly. Please include your contact details including your name, e-mail address, and telephone numbers in case we need to contact you to clarify some details about the equipment.
  2. Fujitsu Remarketing will value your equipment based upon the information provided. Fujitsu Remarketing will then find the best available market value for the older equipment, whether it is in the same country as where the equipment is currently located, or across Europe and beyond.
  3. Fujitsu Remarketing will provide your named Account Manager or preferred reseller with a written response and offer usually within 5 working days of receiving a full detailed inventory. Some more specialised products or larger volumes of equipment can take a little longer.
  4. The offer from Fujitsu Remarketing will be a current guide to its value, generally valid for about one month. Due to the fluctuations in the used equipment market, Fujitsu Remarketing cannot forward price beyond one month. By request, Fujitsu Remarketing can provide a guide on future pricing for up to 12 months, although these prices cannot be guaranteed.
  5. When the sale of the new equipment is concluded, the value of the trade-in can be finally assessed, dependent upon the projected timescale and when the existing equipment is ready for collection. Should the equipment not be returned within the agreed timescale(s), the offer price may have to be requited.
  6. Fujitsu Remarketing will purchase the equipment from the local in-country Fujitsu entity. They in turn will either provide the trade-in value directly to the customer or via the preferred reseller as applicable.
    This purchase transaction usually takes place after the return and audit of the equipment, although in some circumstances, the trade-in value can be provided at point-of-sale. Should the returned product fail its audit (ie: missing systems or components, damage, etc) then Fujitsu Remarketing will notify the in-country Fujitsu entity who will contact the customer either directly or through the preferred reseller.
  7. Purchases by Fujitsu Remarketing are usually made on the basis that collection is made by Fujitsu Remarketing, although in some circumstances Fujitsu Remarketing may ask the customer or reseller to deliver.
    If Fujitsu Remarketing is collecting the equipment, the customer has to make the product ready for collection and secure transit (packed and palletised and on a loading bay).
Full details of this and other terms are included in our standard Terms and Conditions, available for download from this site. 
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