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Storage OPTIMIZATION Services

Confronted with a constantly increasing amount of data which must be instantly accessible and fully protected for your business, Fujitsu offers in-depth analysis of existing data and expected trends to enable you to better plan storage and data protection investments, and exploit opportunities to optimize your existing storage and backup infrastructure.

Storage Assessment Storage Assessment

Get a professional analysis of the existing storage environment and clear recommendations by our experts!

Data Migration Assessment Data Migration Assessment

Fujitsu offers this fixed-price service to systematically identify possible migration strategies in a storage environment and supports you with clear recommendations for performing the migration of data.

Data Protection Assessment Data Protection Assessment

Our experts examine the storage infrastructure and use automated processes to collect the required data, such as the data structures for the data to be backed up regarding age, size, types as well as the amount of files backed up that are identical.

ETERNUS Inspection Service ETERNUS Inspection Service

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Inspection Service for ETERNUS DX storage systems helps to maintain business continuity, documents the current status of the storage environment and assists to keep it updated.

ETERNUS Performance Assessment Service ETERNUS Performance Assessment Service

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Performance Assessment for ETERNUS DX storage systems provides detailed and thorough analysis to report the current performance of operational Fujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems and further opportunities for increasing performance where possible.

ETERNUS Reporting Service ETERNUS Reporting Service

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Reporting Service for ETERNUS DX storage systems provides a continuous, automated collection and archive of storage configuration and utilization data in a SQL database.