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SAP SystemInspection

The SAP SystemInspection service analyzes your operational SAP IT infrastructure and builds an accurate mapping of the actual load profile. Further, the service formulates an inventory list of the entire SAP IT infrastructure, and creates transparency of the utilization of individual IT components and associated SAP systems. Based on this information our SAP experts provide assured recommendations for incorporation into future IT infrastructure planning. This service is made possible by SAP "SystemInspector" software developed by Fujitsu, which uses standard SAP RFC interfaces, ensuring efficient measurement, without impact to configuration, performance or processes of your SAP operations. The Service is offered as a fixed price, with two different service variants available, each covering a specific application area:
  • Upgrade/Migration/Consolidation – supports upgrade, migration 
  • and/or consolidation projects 
  • Performance/Trend Analysis - for analysis of performance 
  • bottlenecks and trend analysis
With SAP SystemInspection Service you receive detailed information including, but not limited to:
  • Utilization of each SAP system measured and for each individual server in "SAPS" (SAP-specific performance indicator), 
  • Load distribution per SID 
  • Utilization of main memory 
  • I/O throughput + assessment of relevant SAP transactions 
The SAP SystemInspection Service is an ideal supplement to the SAP EarlyWatch® Service, which analyzes the applications and supplies SID data. The SAP SystemInspection Service augments this, providing problem analysis of SAP IT infrastructures throughout the entire, and often heterogeneous, SAP system landscape, covering all System IDs.

Customer’s benefits:

  • Avoids over-provisioning and unnecessary investments in equipment 
  • Increases the quality of service by helping to eliminate or avoid performance bottlenecks 
  • Delivers individual and short-term results with minimum effort for the customer 
  • Gives clear recommendations for optimizing the IT infrastructure for SAP