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Software OPTIMIZATION Services

Understand how well your SAP, Oracle and Microsoft applications perform and how this can be improved with expert advice from Fujitsu. Are you at risk from complex software licensing, or looking to gain control of software usage? Fujitsu can help you gain transparency with comprehensive Software Asset Management (SAM) consulting services.

Fujitsu offers the following Software OPTIMIZATION Services:


How can you increase the performance of your Oracle applications? And, despite growing complexity, how can you improve software licensing and control the use of your software? Fujitsu can help you achieve the transparency you need with value-adding services.

SAP SystemInspection

The SAP SystemInspection service analyzes your operational SAP IT infrastructure and builds an accurate mapping of the actual load profile. Further, the service formulates an inventory list of the entire SAP IT infrastructure, and creates transparency of the utilization of individual IT components and associated SAP systems.