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PRIMERGY CX1000 Readiness Assessment

A data center has a complex array of factors, which in combination largely determine the operating climactic conditions. A high-quality analysis of the functional operation is a very complex and laborious task. Obtaining the right balance between Space, Power and Cooling in the data center is typically the biggest challenge. The introduction of new infrastructure brings with it risks in affecting this balance.

With a new paradigm in data center server power and cooling performance, PRIMERGY CX1000 servers address this challenge. Fujitsu’s “PRIMERGY CX1000 Readiness Assessment” is specifically designed to deliver valuable qualitative information, by using advanced simulation software, to assist you in planning an optimized introduction of PRIMERGY CX1000 servers in your data center, accelerating and assuring your planning.

The assessment focuses on the following areas:

  • Spatial architecture 
  • Cabling and ducting 
  • Cooling systems 
  • Rack descriptions

Customer’s benefits:

Customers gain information and recommendations:
  • Insight into the optimal placement and positive impact of PRIMERGY CX1000 servers in the data center in advance of planned changes in your data center server infrastructure 
  • Enable what-if scenario analysis for future planning based on your individual situation, using advanced data center simulation software 
  • Plan improvements from feedback on optimization areas and weak points 
  • Understand climactic impact of planned changes to the data center before they happen and avoid costly mistakes 
  • Accelerate the timescale for taking decisions before they happen and avoid costly mistakes