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BS2000 Performance Assessment

This fixed-price service includes a comprehensive analysis of both system-wide and process-specific measurements, as well as the preparation and presentation of these.

BS2000 performance experts from Fujitsu analyze the collected data and provide recommendations, such as the performance based on the current Hardware/Software/Middleware configuration, or from the identified resource requirements for new target systems. The prepared results and recommendations are presented in detail to the Customer, and are also documented in a measurement report. This service can be flexibly tailored to individual Customer requirements.

Customer’s benefits:

This service delivers clear and binding statements regarding the performance of the BS2000 system(s) assessed. Our expertise in providing solutions to improve system performance enables our customers to make well-informed decisions. The assessment provides solid information and recommendations on topics such as:
  • System performance 
  • Application performance 
  • Performance of peripherals 
  • Optimization of response time and throughput 
  • Server upgrade 
  • Server consolidation