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Server Assessment

The analysis contains a comprehensive tool-based measurement of the existing server infrastructure regarding performance and usage as well as the creation of a report and a virtualization scenario. By exactly measuring your special situation our experts obtain a valuable insight into the setup and can provide results and recommendations in a detailed presentation or report. This service is an ideal first step to understanding the suitability of your existing server and application environment for the virtualization of workloads as based on the current system capacity, usage, energy and cooling capacity; it provides ideal support when planning your consolidation and virtualization projects.

Customer’s benefits:

  • Guarantee that data can be securely recorded without installing additional software 
  • Insight into the suitability of the existing server and application environment for a virtualized solution 
  • Provide a "What-if“ simulation plan of a future virtualization scenario including the expected server loads 
  • Using precise information, clarify the possible cost reductions and performance improvements which are possible as a result of virtualizing the IT infrastructure 
  • Compile clear information in order to accelerate your planning and your projects 
  • Very low personnel effort is required on customers side 
  • On request, a professional ROI analysis of the drafted infrastructure can be carried out (subject to charge)