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Professional and individual Consulting for your IT Infrastructure at a fixed Price

OPTIMIZATION Services from Fujitsu offer efficient consultation packages for existing infrastructure environments at a fixed price. This has been made possible by systematically analyzing a large number of successfully implemented consultation projects. The solution methods used have been standardized and combined with the experience of the comprehensive product and solution skills provided by the Fujitsu group. The resulting first-class consultation and analysis packages quickly provide customers with specific information and suggested improvements for the infrastructure involved.

OPTIMIZATION Services help Fujitsu’s customers to:

  • Quickly obtain assessment results and individual recommendations from Fujitsu’s experience and standardized methods with a minimum involvement of customer resources
  • Accelerate the decision making process and implement specific IT optimizations faster
  • Plan their budgets reliably due to clearly defined deliverables based on a fixed price

Data Center OPTIMIZATION Services Data Center Optimization Services

IT facility floor space, energy costs, and security are key parameters for customers running their own IT. If you need a preliminary assessments or a full formal “Energy Efficient” certification, Fujitsu offers you valuable insights and advice.

Workplace OPTIMIZATION Services Workplace OPTIMIZATION Services

Finding the optimal IT workplace strategy from available technologies presents a substantial challenge. Learn more about Fujitsu’s proven Workplace services which offer efficient analysis and provide specific recommendations to improve your efficiency.

Software OPTIMIZATION Services Software OPTIMIZATION Services

Understand how well your SAP, Oracle and Microsoft applications perform and how this can be improved with expert advice from Fujitsu. Are you at risk from complex software licensing, or looking to gain control of software usage? Fujitsu can help you gain transparency with comprehensive Software Asset Management (SAM) consulting services.

Server OPTIMIZATION Services Server OPTIMIZATION Services

Server Infrastructure consolidation and virtualization technologies have become mainstream, but there are many different options to choose from. Fujitsu offers granular assessment and solution planning advice, with a software vendor neutral consulting approach.

Storage OPTIMIZATION Services Storage OPTIMIZATION Services

Confronted with a constantly increasing amount of data which must be instantly accessible and fully protected for your business, Fujitsu offers in-depth analysis of existing data and expected trends to enable you to better plan storage and data protection investments, and exploit opportunities to optimize your existing storage and backup infrastructure.