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Data Center OPTIMIZATION Services

IT facility floor space, energy & cooling costs, and security are key parameters for customers running their own IT. From preliminary assessments to full formal certification as an “Energy Efficient Data Center”, Fujitsu offers comprehensive assessment and certification offerings in gaining valuable insight into the efficiency of the customer data center, and advising them on the impact of planned changes before they happen.

Fujitsu offers the following Data Center OPTIMIZATION Services:

Facility Risk Assessment

Considerable investments are made in data centers but the infrastructure frequently does not meet the demands of IT operations. The Facility Risk Assessment is used to clearly assess all the factors which affect the security, reliability and energy efficiency of your IT operations, and to make qualified recommendations for optimization measures which will increase the security and efficiency of your data center. In addition, the service also takes into account the economic viability of any recommendations made, to ensure maximum cost-effectiveness for your operations.

Facility Readiness Assessment

Obtaining the right balance between space, power and cooling in the data center is typically the largest challenge facing owner/operators of mission critical facilities. From the placement of compute, network and storage hardware, to the management of return air or inlet air, and the use of supporting critical infrastructure such as air-handlers, these and many more factors can impact airflow in the data center. Simulation techniques offer the only scientific method for effectively providing answers.

Facility Energy Certification

Rising energy prices present a real problem for data centers, especially with legacy IT equipment and energy infrastructures. In comparison to IT investments, energy costs are increasingly accounted for by the business. With Fujitsu’s "Facility Energy Certification" service, these costs are brought under control whilst assisting you in optimizing the energy efficiency.