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  5. Meydan Group implements SAP Business Suite based on Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA

Meydan Group implements SAP Business Suite based on Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA

"Our business acts more effectively and efficiently as a result of moving to Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA. We have the ability to create and analyze the information we need with total reliability."

Wassim Hamwi, Vice President Group IT Services, Meydan Group

The customer

Meydan is the culmination of Dubai’s vision to create a venue for horse racing as well as an integrated city that is sustainable, environmentally responsible and at the center of the competitive global business stage. It aims to link the world with the Emirate of Dubai through international horse racing and equestrian events, a range of commercial developments, hospitality, sports, entertainment and amusement services, a series of state-of-the-art business parks, residential villa communities, schools, hospitals, business towers with luxury waterfront developments and shopping destinations.

The challenge

Meydan had to replace its aging IBM P-Series server platform in order to enable a migration to SAP HANA®. It needed to find the right vendor to provide a future-proof, reliable and high-performing environment that also had the experience to integrate the new SAP HANA landscape into the existing data center.

The solution

Based on very good results from a HANA Proof of Concept project together with SAP and its consultancy partner Delaware, and following a comprehensive evaluation process, the company selected FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX® for SAP HANA® to support its new Business Suite on HANA solution.

The benefit

  • With the shift from R/3 to Business Suite on HANA Meydan users can create accurate records instantly for improved productivity and user satisfaction
  • SAP HANA runs in-memory, providing optimal speed and availability and acceleration
  • Innovative and quality assured Fujitsu SAP HANA infrastructure solution including high-availability for assured business continuity
  • Existing storage could be reused and was integrated by Fujitsu HANA experts based on SAP TDI project approach


Read the full Meydan case study (3.42 MB /A4, 2 pages)