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Manufacturing success


PTC develops, markets and supports software solutions to help manufacturers bring superior products to market faster and more efficiently than ever before. PTC's leading collaborative, Web-based solutions enable producers to transform product development into a strategic weapon that builds market share, customer loyalty and profitability. Founded in 1985, PTC is now one of the world's top software companies. It has a total commitment to product development and extends this commitment through PTC Global Services as well as leading systems integrators, resellers and strategic partners.

PTC on Fujitsu

With our product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, we at PTC have the same objectives as Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu do with their product portfolio: enabling the end user to have better time-to-market at the most favorable cost. In a world focusing more and more on standard-based solutions, we offer a most comprehensive product portfolio, including Intel-based CELSIUS workstations and PRIMERGY servers, as well as high-end SPARC/Solaris-based servers (GP7000F)