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Founded in March 2000 by the CTO of Goldman Sachs, Egenera enables organizations to deliver cost effective, flexible yet highly reliable IT and cloud services. Today Egenera offers a range of software products that provide support for physical, virtual and cloud environments with enterprise level scalability and reliability.
Egenera has been a strategic technology partner since 2005. Egenera and Fujitsu collaborated on the Bladeframe server solution which Fujitsu distributed under the PRIMERGY Bladeframe brand. Expanding and strengthening the technology partnership over the years, Egenera and Fujitsu have continued to broaden technology cooperation, embracing the PAN Manager management software and PAN Cloud Director on the FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY portfolio to build a converged infrastructure using a pool of servers, I/O, network and storage resources for datacenter automation and cloud services.
Building data center infrastructures is increasingly complex, error-prone and time-consuming. The traditional approach of putting together best-in-class components is a complicated and cumbersome process; it requires a deep knowledge of all components involved and an understanding of their various dependencies on each other. Consequently, such a do-it-yourself approach would always present businesses with multiple risks.
There is a better and more cost-effective solution: Integrated Systems. Fujitsu offers one of the biggest families of solutions under the umbrella of FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX. One of these integrated solutions is PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN and includes above mentioned software products from Egenera and PRIMERGY servers from Fujitsu.


  • Cooperation at national and international events, such as CeBIT and Fujitsu Forum
  • Joint sales & marketing activities especially for medium-sized customers who want to build a dynamic infrastructure with integrated high-availability
  • Provisioning of pre-defined solutions and blueprints that can be individually customized


PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN is a pre-defined, validated and pre-tested reference architecture combining servers, storage, network connectivity as well as infrastructure and optional cloud management software. The infrastructure solution automates essential IT management tasks, reduces the time required to implement new IT projects and at the same time improves service level agreements through embedded high availability and disaster recovery mechanisms for both physical and virtual workloads.

For any enterprise looking for a more flexible data center infrastructure, PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN is a particularly compelling value proposition, thanks to partitioning and multi-tenancy features, enabling the creation of secure resource pools of shared servers.

PAN Cloud Director transforms static infrastructures into cloud services that deliver an enhanced user experience with easy, flexible and secure access to the resources the business requires. It is a complete cloud provisioning and management suite with an intuitive, drag and drop, self- service portal that makes it simple to design, request, provision, and manage cloud services. Enterprises and service providers also benefit from the integrated billing, invoicing, ticketing and tracking capabilities, enabling them to manage and charge for the resources as they are consumed.