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  5. Nippon Software Knowledge Corporation deploys new sales and marketing environment with Fujitsu TPS5 Cloud

Nippon Software Knowledge Corporation deploys new sales and marketing environment with Fujitsu TPS5 Cloud

"Completing a shift to the cloud using Trusted Public S5 gives a real sense of our company trying to transform sales and marketing."

Yoshitsugu Fujita, President and Representative Director, Nippon Software Knowledge Corp

The customer

Since its foundation in 1972, Nippon Software Knowledge Corp. has expanded its business from its base on the east side of Lake Biwa. In 2009, Nippon Software Knowledge introduced a revolutionary product called SOFIT Super REALISM, an appliance product that can process huge data volumes of up to 2,000,000,000 records (3 TB) on one table in just a few seconds. The cost is one-tenth that of conventional products, and the speed is 100 times faster, which is astounding cost performance. The product is praised for its Excel-level ease of use, and is used by local governments, major companies, universities and the like throughout Japan.

Nippon Software Knowledge has been using FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5 (Trusted Public S5) to build the verification environment for SOFIT Super REALISM on the cloud. It is establishing a foothold with overseas business development while successfully transforming sales, marketing, and support.

The challenge

  • Build a verification environment for overseas customers in approximately one month
  • Limitations of sales, marketing and support activities due to access to physical demo machines
  • Strategic move toward cloud use in the future

The solution

With the Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5 service, Nippon Software Knowledge Corp. can build a cloud based verification and demonstration environment for their software “SOFIT Super REALISM”.

The benefit

  • Succeeded in building the environment in approximately one month with Japanese language support from Fujitsu engineers
  • Provided a cloud based verification environment enabling sales, marketing and support to exceed expectations
  • Accumulated skill and knowledge for changing the system to SaaS in the future


Read the full Nippon Software case study (272 KB/A4, 2 pages)