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Managed SAP® IT Infrastructure

Efficient operation of your SAP environment

Managed SAP® IT Infrastructure from Fujitsu ensures efficient operation of your SAP® environment. Customers benefit from flexible delivery models, cost efficiency and minimized risks. Fujitsu provides support and operational services – including infrastructure hosting – either on-site or from its own data centers.
The service range includes operation of SAP® infrastructures, support and maintenance of the SAP® system and databases, as well as preventive services such as backup, restore or disaster recovery.

Usage scenarios

  • Improve quality of service
  • Increase agility
  • Manage complexity
  • Transform fixed costs into variable costs

Key benefits

  • 7 x 24 operation with ensured availability of experienced personnel
  • Cost transparency with flexible payment and asset management concepts
  • Dynamic resource management and clearly defined SLAs

Document library

  • Germany , Industry: Insurance
    AOK Uses FlexFrame and PRIMERGY Blade Server Technology

    Arbeitsgemeinschaft AOK-Rechenzentrum Bremen/Lower Saxony performs exhaustive data center services for the employees of the two AOK health insurance providers that cover Bremen and Lower Saxony. Tags: IT infrastructure

  • United Kingdom , Industry: Utilities
    Electricity Supply Board Interactive Voice Recognition

    The ESB decided Fujitsu's Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) solution from InterVoice™ would be implemented at its Cork and Dublin Customer Contact Centres and would improve customer service and reduce waiting times without any extra resourcing requirements. Tags:

  • Germany , Industry: Food & Beverage
    Easier order and delivery management by EDI platform, deployed by Fujitsu

    The number of partners with whom Bahlsen exchanges data has increased sharply in recent years. In selecting Fujitsu for the task of integrating individual European subsidiaries into the EDI system, the company has opted for a service provider that can also implement country-specific requirements, for instance, various EDI standard formats. Tags: IT infrastructure , SAP Solutions

  • Qatar , Industry: Transportation & Travel
    PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes enables Nakilat a flexible and cost-efficient SAP HANA operation

    In the past, Nakilat operated multiple servers with six storage devices dispersed across its three main lines of business. The organization had an interest in implementing a consolidated IT environment that would unify the company, reduce operational demands and make Nakilat SAP HANA® equipped. Tags: Integrated Systems , SAP HANA, SAP Solutions

  • Germany , Industry: Insurance
    Fujitsu Data Center Management & Automation monitors AOK’s holistic IT infrastructure

    AOK’s Hannover data center has benefitted from considerably increased reliability since the introduction of Fujitsu DCMA. The administrators can now intervene early to prevent errors. Almost all of the server and network components at the Hannover data center have now been added to the monitoring system with Fujitsu DCMA. Tags: Data Center , SAP Solutions

  • Italy , Industry: Retail-Wholesale
    PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA speeds up business and financial analyses of KÜNZI in Italy

    The adoption of SAP Business One on SAP HANA, based on Fujitsu systems, met KÜNZI’s need to move forward and embrace innovation. The server’s processing capacity is such that there is still ample room to develop new procedures to improve the quality of employees’ work. Tags: SAP Solutions

  • Australia , New Zealand , Industry: Food & Beverage
    Frucor Beverages - Fujitsu Power Appliance for the SAP HANA® platform

    Frucor Beverages Ltd is one of Australasia’s largest beverage manufacturers and distributors. It is best known for its flagship product, the ‘V’ energy drink as well as an extensive brand portfolio including fruit juices, waters and soft drinks. Headquartered in Sydney and Auckland, Frucor has more than 900 employees in Australia and New Zealand. Tags: SAP Solutions

  • Germany , Industry: Manufacturing
    Creating a backup data center with BS2000 SE Server, ETERNUS CS8000 and ETERNUS DX storage improves customer relationships of Software AG

    The FUJITSU Server BS2000 SE series, ETERNUS CS8000 and ETERNUS DX provide the necessary stability, performance and availability for all applications. Tags: Data Center , Storage Solutions

  • Italy , Industry: Food & Beverage
    Caffè Moak accelerates business intelligence evaluations from 8 hours to near-real time with Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA

    Focused on expanding the target market and growing the business, the managers of Caffè Moak decided in 2016 to upgrade the company’s now obsolete IT system and adopt the SAP HANA environment, with a view to achieving real digital transformation. In the summer of that year, the company then embarked on a short but intense phase of analyzing the hardware platforms that were currently available on the market. Tags: IT infrastructure , SAP HANA, SAP Solutions, Storage Solutions

  • United Kingdom , Industry: All
    SAP Solutions

    The operation of internal and external customer systems demands an agile and innovative storage strategy. Fujitsu are developing this strategy together with implementing it as part of Managed Storage services Tags: