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Facility Readiness Assessment

Obtaining the right balance between space, power and cooling in the data center is typically the largest challenge facing owner/operators of mission critical facilities. From the placement of compute, network and storage hardware, to the management of return air or inlet air, and the use of supporting critical infrastructure such as air-handlers, these and many more factors can impact airflow in the data center. Simulation techniques offer the only scientific method for effectively providing answers.

Fujitsu utilizes powerful 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software for the assessment of data center facility design and operations, providing an accurate baseline for the current site cooling dynamics. Further, detailed analysis of the impact of future operational and infrastructure changes are made, and proposed design changes are discussed with the customer. The CFD software enables us to perform the assessment as a simulation, without the risk of disruption to current data center operation.

Customer’s benefits:

  • Delivers a fully detailed virtual 3D model of the data center including all IT equipment as a baseline for planning 
  • Assesses the efficiency of current power and cooling infrastructure (floor cooling, raised floor cooling, ducting, in-row, in-cabinet) 
  • Enables “What-if” scenario analysis for planning changes (e.g. cabinet relocation, re-allocation of server components in racks) to optimize the data center, or assess planned future equipment 
  • changes before implementation 
  • Delivers fully qualified optimization recommendations for the data center, including the most recent findings in efficiently operating server facilities