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Facility Energy Certification

Rising energy prices present a real problem for data centers, especially with legacy IT equipment and energy infrastructures. In comparison to IT investments, energy costs are increasingly accounted for by the business. With Fujitsu’s "Facility Energy Certification" service, these costs are brought under control whilst assisting you in optimizing the energy efficiency.

From preliminary assessments to full formal certification as “Energy-Efficient Data Center”, Fujitsu offers a comprehensive assessment and certification offering in gaining valuable insight into the energy efficiency of the customer data center. In a first “Efficiency Check” inspection, and a further, more comprehensive “Energy Management Assessment” with optional measurement services, Fujitsu assesses existing energy measurement systems, and documentation, reporting findings and opportunities for further optimization and readiness for formal certification. Audit and certification is offered by our partner, TÜV Rheinland, and forms the start of a continuous improvement process.

Customer’s benefits:

  • From fast “Efficiency Check” inspection to full formal certification “Energy-Efficient Data Center” you choose how far you want to go 
  • Delivers detailed insight into the current energy efficiency of the data center 
  • Enables improvement planning from comprehensive feedback on optimization potentials and weak points 
  • Enables implementation of a continuous improvement process 
  • Demonstrates commitment to Green IT goals with formal certification from our partner, TÜV Rheinland