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FUJITSU Cloud IT Management as a Service

A more efficient and cost effective way to keep your IT performing at its best

IT Managers are under constant pressure to ensure the high performance and availability of their IT environment. However, as organizations embrace a more diverse mix of IT delivery models – from on-premise infrastructures and outsourced services to private and public cloud services – the task is growing ever more difficult.

With the inter-relationships between these services constantly changing, a unified view of all the infrastructures the business relies on is essential. While traditional IT management platforms and tools are proving increasingly costly, complex and onerous to manage, Fujitsu Cloud IT Management as a Service provides a compelling alternative.

Enabling IT Management on demand

Fujitsu Cloud IT Management as a Service is a suite of SaaS based applications providing the infrastructure, application monitoring and service desk capabilities needed to underpin an efficient and cost-effective IT Management operation.

By leveraging FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5 and Global Delivery Centers, IT Management as a Service enables you to rapidly deploy a flexible, high performing IT management solution – without the high cost or complexity of managing multiple applications and tools.

Fujitsu Cloud IT Management as a Service can help:

  • Boost service levels – deliver the operational insights needed to enable a more effective, responsive and reliable service across customer environments for both cloud and non-cloud.
  • Reduce costs – eliminate the system and administrative costs of running, supporting and managing an on-premise solution.
  • Improve efficiency – use the automation, knowledge base and workflows built into the system to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your staff.

The suite currently comprises two modules, powered by CA Technologies' advanced service management technology:

  • FUJITSU Cloud Service Desk: Provides a comprehensive SaaS based IT service management solution with built in, ITIL® (ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited)-based best practices and action-based workflows for managing, co-ordinating and optimizing all aspects of service delivery.
  • FUJITSU Cloud Monitoring Service: Offers a single, unified interface for tracking all the vital, dynamic resources your business relies on – whether in the cloud or on-premises. It gives you all the comprehensive monitoring insights needed to ensure your business services perform optimally at all times.

A Trusted Leader in IT Management Services: With a 30 year track record in managed services delivery, Fujitsu has extensive experience of both deploying and delivering monitoring and service desk solutions – and services. We have over 1,900 service desk clients worldwide, with services delivered from 145 data centers – a mix of traditional and cloud services. This means we understand how to optimize IT management to ensure your organization reaps maximum value.

Our proud tradition of providing high quality enterprise-grade IT Management services has now been extended to efficient cloud-based services that are suitable for SMEs through to the largest

Why FUJITSU Cloud IT Management as a Service?

Fujitsu Cloud IT Management as a Service provides a compelling alternative to costly and complex on-premise solutions:

  • Powered by CA Technologies – proven technology benefiting over 20,000 enterprises globally and the industry’s only Unified IT Management as a Service solution.
  • Delivered from Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5 — a cloud service that gives organizations flexible, reliable, on-demand access to enterprise-grade computing resources worldwide.
  • Marries the broadest set of monitoring data with ITIL® v3 best-practice event-to-resolution workflows to provide exceptional service levels.
  • Can deliver significant savings on both deployment and operational costs versus on-premise solutions.
  • Can be deployed in days, rather than months.

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