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FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX InfiniBand Switch 56 Gbit/s 18/18

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The InfiniBand Switch 56 Gb 18/18 is a double-width Connection Blade that can be used in the Fujitsu PRIMERGY Blade Servers. The Connection Blade offers maximum performance by providing a high bandwidth and at the same time low latency.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Efficient performance
  • 18x uplink ports, 18x downlink ports with Fourteen Data Rate (FDR x4) and QSFP connectors

  • Leading industrial switch platform as regards performance, power consumption and packing density
Best-in-class transfer rates
  • InfiniBand switch architecture with up to 56Gb/s per port

  • High bandwidth, low latency for compute-intensive applications
Management for constant usage
  • Two internal Ethernet ports (one port for each MMB) for switch management tasks

  • - Monitoring temperature and power consumption
  • - Health check
  • - Configuration settings
  • - Hot-pluggable
Never overloaded
  • Non-blocking architecture

  • Automatic and dynamic routing of data traffic to avoid overload

Technical details

Active power (max. configuration)150 W
Weight3.3 kg
Connection typeInfiniBand Connection Blade
36-port IB CB
18 ports internal, 18 ports external
up to 56Gb per port
QSFP connectors for external ports included
Supported system unitsPRIMERGY BX400 S1, PRIMERGY BX900 S2
Max. number per system unit1 in PRIMERGY BX400 S1, 3 in PRIMERGY BX900 S2
Supported Server BladesPRIMERGY BX9xx Server Blades w. IB mezzanine card
PRIMERGY BX25xx M1 Server Blades w. IB mezzanine card
Supported Mezzanine CardsPRIMERGY BX IB Mezz Card 56 Gbit/s 2 port
Down-link ports18 x 56 Gbit/s IB
Up-link ports18 x 56 Gb (QSFP)
Recommended Service24x7 Onsite Service with 4h Onsite Response Time