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Zero Client

Portable Fujitsu Zero Client for flexible Anywhere Computing

Fujitsu extends its popular Zero Client concept with the introduction of the Portable Fujitsu Zero Client MZ900, enabling Zero Client users to access their virtual desktop from anywhere from any computer with an Internet connection. Developed to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce, the Portable Fujitsu Zero Client MZ900 plug-and-play device provides unparalleled security, flexibility and convenience in comparison to alternative remote access methods

Zero Client SZ500 Zero Client SZ500

The Fujitsu Zero Client SZ500 is an innovative front-end device for virtualized desktop environments. The smart Fujitsu Zero Client provides multiple users with virtualized access to their personal desktop and allows you to reuse your existing displays. It also provides energy savings of up to 70% and significantly reduced TCO when compared with a standard PC.