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Specsavers: Support and Maintenance of IT Infrastructures

Case Study:

Specsavers: Support and Maintenance of IT Infrastructures

"This new support contract has formalised how Fujitsu can best support our business now and in the future, while helping us save around 16 per cent on support costs"

Download the 'Specsavers' case study PDF [211 KB]

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Specsavers has worked with Fujitsu across every aspect of its business for over ten years. For example, Fujitsu procures, commissions and installs every single piece of hardware in each Specsavers store, from EPOS terminals to printers to servers. Fujitsu was also a key partner when Specsavers entered the Australian market, helping it hit its target of opening 100 stores in 100 days.

More recently, Specsavers has turned to Fujitsu for help with developing its support services which were proving complex, costly and difficult to manage.

“We have worked with Fujitsu for many years and have developed a strong collaborative relationship with them. As the partnership has deepened, we have entrusted Fujitsu with more and more responsibility for the support of our business-critical backbone,” explains Ruskin Snow, IT Operations Manager, Specsavers. 

Download the 'Specsavers' case study PDF [211 KB]

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