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  5. KOMLIS management information system makes data analysis fast and simple at Næstved Kommune

KOMLIS management information system makes data analysis fast and simple at Næstved Kommune

""Instead of an anonymous sickness absence rate, we now have qualifiable data that can be used in initiatives relating to individual employees, as well as serve as a tool for both senior management and line managers.""

Torben Søndergaard Nielsen, Work Environment Consultant, Municipality of Næstved

The Customer

The Municipality of Næstved has around 80,000 residents and is the largest municipality in the island of Zealand, Denmark, in terms of area.

The Challenge

The Municipality of Næstved had a high rate of sick leave among its staff, as well as irregular reporting of illness, and a poor overview of illness patterns. Without comprehensive data, it was difficult to identify any patterns and causes that managers could use in their efforts to reduce sick leave.

The Solution

The FUJITSU KOMLIS analysis model has enabled the Municipality of Næstved to gather data which can be used to reduce sick leave. Based on big data, various hypotheses can be established and specific measures created to improve wellbeing and job satisfaction.

The Benefit

  • Retrieving data now takes seconds rather than hours
  • Significant savings in man hours and money
  • Dynamic visual reports can be produced at the touch of a button


Næstved Kommune (1.23 MB )


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