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The transformation of PLM


A revolution in enterprise strategy is taking place, and the revolution is PLM. What distinguishes this upheaval from previous management strategy confrontations is that both sides – the innovators and the status quo – are claiming the PLM mantle. As with most enterprise acronyms, there is confusion about what PLM really means. Product lifecycle management is the combination of cutting edge products and services you deploy to master the challenges of today's complex product development environment.

The advantage is in the product

On one side of the PLM rift, there are those in the world of process re-engineering. They, of course, have a vested interest in keeping companies focused on transactional processes and thus represent the status quo. On the other side is Product First PLM. The Product First camp approaches PLM with a relentless focus on creating a competitive advantage through great products. It's that simple. Processes are recognized as simply a means to an end. Your end, of course, is the creation of economic value – and this can only be achieved with a product focus.