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  • The cooperation spans from workplace systems, to data center environments across IT infrastructure portfolio.
  • Symantec is a Global Strategic Partner of Fujitsu
  • Fujitsu is Symantec’s strongest non-US OEM partners
  • Symantec and Fujitsu offer data protection and archiving, system and storage management, and security solutions on a global basis.
  • Both parties design, develop and market innovative solutions that customers use to achieve its business objectives.


  • Mutual cooperation at event
    • Symantec Vision
    • Fujitsu Forum, It Futures
  • Collaboration on campaigns like Make IT Dynamic and Reshaping the Data Center
  • Case studies available in the Fujitsu global reference base
  • Joint Market/Channel Development Funds & Programs


  • Symantec and Fujitsu integrate the individual leadership of two IT leaders into integrated solutions designed to achieve rapidly evolving customer data challenges while enabling Fujitsu and Symantec employees to achieve greater results through the strategic alliance