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Environment and Sustainability

Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand Oil and Gas Solutions

At Fujitsu, we view the environment and ongoing sustainability as a guiding principle for how we work with customers and within society as a whole. It is a commitment dating back to 1938 when we created a parkland environment for our first factory in Japan. Our vision for a prosperous, low carbon future is supported by our Green Policy that has a specific goal of reducing global customer GHG emissions by 30 million tons by 2020, by offering advanced, energy efficient technologies and sustainable solutions.

Not just words on paper, our commitment to the environment is a long term, quantified sustainability vision taking us to 2100, with target milestones set up to 2020. Our Environmental Protection Program, initiated in 1993, is now in its seventh phase and is the next step toward realisation of our medium term environmental vision.

Around the world Fujitsu has applied our sustainability principles to the energy sector where we have been involved in the development and deployment of energy management solutions that include implementing smart metering technologies, leveraging our cloud infrastructure, and enabling our customers to monitor, asses and adjust their energy consumption in real time.

Furthermore, we assist customers assessing the breadth of their environmental impacts to identify and address opportunities for sustainability improvements including the role ICT has in delivering these beneficial outcomes.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • A recognised and awarded sustainability leader
  • Global Research & Development (R&D) Team dedicated to sustainability
  • Drive to provide the most sustainable solution for customers
  • Embedded sustainability considerations in our service and solution delivery
  • Broad range of Fujitsu solutions include an ICT Environmental Impact Assessment
  • New customers optional engagement with in-house ICT Sustainability Induction which is delivered by our specialist sustainability consulting team
  • Benefits available from our global sustainability practice, our framework, tools and methodologies that have proven cost savings and tangible benefits

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