DevOps Performance Management

Fujitsu’s DevOps Performance Management helps IT detect and correct application issues as soon as possible, based on the market-leading Dynatrace solution.

The software provides:

  • Continuous monitoring and problem analysis data,
  • Deployment from the cloud or on-premise, with a managed service either on-shore or off-shore
  • And flexible services to meet your organisational needs.

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Key Features

  • Dynatrace offers a comprehensive and integrated monitoring platform covering infrastructure, network, application and end-user experience, underpinned by its OneAgent architecture
  • Dynatrace’s analytics leverage real-time topology and AI algorithms to automatically detect anomalies, business impact and root cause across users, applications, and infrastructure
  • Delivers a comprehensive monitoring suite, covering on-premises and cloud infrastructure, as well as hosted, packaged and mainframe applications and SaaS applications
  • Fujitsu has Dynatrace-certified practitioners to help deliver real business benefits

Business Benefits

  • Early problem detection, and reduced time to recover, with the improved ability for determining the root cause of issues
  • Deep insight into applications, their performance and workings, to find hidden issues
  • Improved production stability and availability, delivering measurable outcomes
  • Takes an end user perspective to refocus on the business perception and benefits
  • Simple to implement and delivers fast time to value. No complex configuration required
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration within teams across locations & groups (Operations & Quality Assurance & Development & Security)

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