DevOps Consulting Engagement

DevOps is a software development and support approach that promotes communication, collaboration and integration between software developers, quality assurance testers, IT operations and other stakeholders

DevOps Consulting focuses on gathering information and insights about your organisation’s vision, business goals and the current state of DevOps. All the information we gather is then used to create a roadmap and to build a business case for change to start delivering business outcomes using DevOps principles. Over a short period of time, we deliver a roadmap to DevOps readiness and the supporting business case.


There are two aspects of the DevOps:

DevOps tools

Which takes software development artefacts and deploy them to the required clouds or data centre(s), often including a rich software development environment. It also includes the tools to provide real-time insight into live application execution, and for increased automated software testing and quality assurance measures.

DevOps culture and work processes

The teams that employ to plan, manage, deploy and support the applications that are delivered. These work processes tell IT personnel, how to interact in a DevOps manner to deliver applications faster, more reliable, with higher quality and less production downtime. These DevOps work practices may (coincidently) use the DevOps tools, and are more guidelines that need tailoring to your circumstances, than a formalised off-the-shelf method.

The journey to DevOps, for both tools and culture, can be taken in small steps, and at a pace that meets your organisation’s business needs.

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