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  6. Fujitsu tilbyr allsidighet med PRIMERGY cloudporteføljen

Fujitsu tilbyr allsidighet med PRIMERGY cloudporteføljen

Med servere trygt plassert i skyen går bedrifter en mildere fremtid i vente. Fujitsus nyeste servernode er det siste tilskuddet til skyen.

Oslo, november 22, 2010

Fujitsu utvider serverfamilien med en multifunksjonell servernode. Noden tilfører økt funksjonalitet og fleksibilitet til servere som brukes i skyen, under krevende databehandling og i storskala serverparker. PRIMERGY CX1000 Cloud eXtension Server er spesielt egnet til skymiljøer med store krav til oppskalering.

Administrerende direktør i Fujitsu Norge, Kjell-Erik Tenold, mener skyteknologien er svaret på mange kunders hodepine: - Kundene er lei av energitap og har ikke plass til serverne i sine lokaler lengre. Med skyteknologien vil mange bedrifter få en hodepine mindre

Fujitsu innfører samtidig en ny tjeneste for effektivitetsmåling: Efficiency Assessment Service tilfører verdifull informasjon om optimaliseringsmuligheter og gjør det enklere å hente ut kvalitativ informasjon fra serverparken.

Den engelske pressemeldingen følger i sin helhet under.

Fujitsu Adds Versatility to PRIMERGY Cloud eXtension Server Portfolio

Offers PRIMERGY CX122 S1 server node for scale-out versatility and launches Efficiency Assessment Service

Munich, November 22, 2010 – Fujitsu today introduces globally the PRIMERGY CX122 S1, the first new addition to its portfolio of dual-socket cloud server nodes for the PRIMERGY CX1000 Cloud eXtension Server, the platform for cloud computing, high performance computing (HPC) and large scale-out computing server farms. In addition, Fujitsu launches its new PRIMERGY CX1000 Efficiency Assessment Service, an optimization service exploiting simulation software to deliver valuable qualitative information. The new service is initially available in Central Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

The PRIMERGY CX122 S1 is designed for optimum versatility, to meet the challenging customer requirements placed on cloud server nodes, while matching a broad range of server profiles and enabling more advanced workload scenarios. In doing so, the new server node offers cost savings, energy efficiency, compute density and saved space, all achieved by using the Cool-Central™ architecture from the PRIMERGY CX1000 as an innovative x86 server platform with horizontal scaling for large companies and their cloud, hosting or HPC strategies for data centers.

First launched in March 2010, Fujitsu rewrote the datacenter rule book in introducing the revolutionary PRIMERGY CX1000. The cloud server provides unprecedented levels of scale-out capability, ideal for Cloud environments, and sets new standards in datacenter economics by optimizing the operating cost drivers of power, heat and space.

“The scale-out applications of businesses such as Managed Hosting and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, HPC or Private Cloud providers, bring the added headache of energy, cooling and data center density problems within their current infrastructure and premises, and so they need cost-efficient, massive scale-out hardware,” says Jens-Peter Seick, Senior Vice President Datacenter Systems at Fujitsu Technology Solutions. “Early evidence from customers around the world, partners, and independent benchmarking shows us that the PRIMERGY CX1000 Cloud eXtension Server excels in meeting this need. Fujitsu will continue to push at the boundaries of scale-out computing, and the added versatility of the PRIMERGY CX122 S1 and the PRIMERGY CX1000 Efficiency Assessment Service will help us and our customers in that goal.”

The new PRIMERGY CX1000 Efficiency Assessment Service delivers valuable qualitative information, by using advanced simulation software, to assist customers in understanding the positive impact of PRIMERGY CX1000 to their datacenter, accelerating and assuring their planning and design in terms of space, power and cooling. It enables customers to identify the quick win measures that will increase the effectiveness of air flow and power, and improvements to the data center Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in advance of physical hardware installation or testing. The new service is now available in Central EMEA & India, and will be rolled out to other regions.

The CX122 S1 is included in the November price list and is available globally from the end of November. The current CX120 S1 server node stays in the portfolio as orderable unit, and its design focus is for maximum energy efficiency, proven by numerous awards (1).

Maximizing computing power per square meter The PRIMERGY CX1000 is designed from the ground up to deliver as much computing power as possible per square meter, at the lowest-possible price, packing 38 server nodes into a rack to provide minimum savings of 20 percent in power and cooling in comparison to a standard rack server assembly. The PRIMERGY CX adds a new class of server to the current Fujitsu x86 line-up of PRIMERGY blade (BX), rack (RX) and tower (TX) models, and becomes a cornerstone of Fujitsu’s overall Infrastructure-as-a-Service strategy with which we take another step on the way to a service-oriented, platform-based delivery model for IT services.

Cool-Central™ architecture replaces the need for the ‘hot aisle’ With the PRIMERGY CX1000, Fujitsu unveils a creative new Cool-Central™ architecture that also saves space by removing the need for the datacenter ‘hot aisle’ – the space behind racks where hot air is blown out of the back of running servers. Instead, the PRIMERGY CX1000 features an internal chimney that funnels hot air through the top of the standard-size rack. This allows for rows of PRIMERGY CX1000 racks to be placed back-to-back, resulting in floor-space savings alone of up to 40 percent. The CX1000 S1 Cool-Central™ architecture also provides centrally pre-assembled cabling (power + LAN) for all the installed servers and components, optionally configurable switches, plus a central monitoring unit known as the rack management unit (RMU) for further efficiencies.

This revolutionary approach also translates into significant carbon reductions for datacenter operators. Fujitsu Group has embarked on a global Green ICT initiative, Green Policy Innovation, aimed at helping customers achieve their environmental commitments. Breakthrough technologies like the PRIMERGY CX1000, designed to dramatically reduce environmental footprints, will be an important part of achieving this mission. Fujitsu’s success in achieving this was recently recognized by Gartner and WWF, “Low-Carbon and Environmental Leadership in the ICT Industry by Gartner and WWF, 2010 (2).

Back-to-basics design ethos The PRIMERGY CX1000’s back-to-basics approach to individual components does away with the need for full system redundancy and hot-pluggable components. Within massive scale-out applications and fully-virtualized system environments, services running on non-responding servers are simply switched by software from one to another server and restarted.

Built on off-the-shelf components, the simplistic design concept of the PRIMERGY CX1000 is to replace individual server nodes in case of a system failure – then replace faulty components offline. Adding and removing nodes is a snap, thanks to the PRIMERGY CX1000’s shared infrastructure – with centralized power distribution and cooling.

The PRIMERGY CX1000 system features the new generation Intel Xeon processor 5600 series, which delivers unprecedented levels of processing power.

Pictures of the Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX1000 are available at:

Further Information

18 Memory DIMMs in the new PRIMERGY CX122 S1 server node provide capacity for up to 144 GB of main memory, and a wide selection from the Intel Xeon 5500 and 5600 processor series (up to 6 cores) enable it to implement more challenging and versatile customer requirements. In addition, the CX122 provides one PCIe-x16 expansion slot, with a choice of powerful new networking controllers such as 2 port 10 Gbit Eth, 4 port 1 Gbit Eth , dual port CNA converged Network Adapter or Infiniband HCA 2 x 40 Gb controller. This enables the setup of scale-out CX122 server farms connecting to demanding, advanced network topologies that are used in HPC environment or in Converged Network Cloud scenarios.


PRIMERGY CX Efficiency Assessment Service:

Notes to Editors

(1) Includes Interop Tokyo 2010: ‘Best of Show’ in the category ‘Power/Heat Economics and Datacenter Density for Cloud Computing’ (, and its best values as a Nehalem EP dual-socket server in the SPECpower_ssj2008 benchmark (, ).

(2) Report: “Low-Carbon and Environmental Leadership in the ICT Industry by Gartner and WWF, 2010”. Authors: Simon Mingay, Research Vice-President, Gartner, and Dennis Pamlin, WWF:

Pressekontakter Fujitsu Norge Raymond Olaussen, Teknologidirektør Tel. +47 97 70 78 29, E-post

Fujitsu Norge Anders Eiken, Markeds- og PR-direktør Tel + 47 90 24 23 32, E-post

About Fujitsu Fujitsu is a leading provider of IT-based business solutions for the global marketplace. With approximately 175,000 employees supporting customers in 70 countries, Fujitsu combines a worldwide corps of systems and services experts with highly reliable computing and communications products and advanced microelectronics to deliver added value to customers. Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 4.6 trillion yen (US$47 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2009. For more information, please see: .

Om Fujitsu Fujitsu er en av verdens ledende leverandører av IKT-baserte forretningsløsninger. Selskapet leverer produkter og tjenester i over 70 land gjennom en arbeidsstyrke bestående av mer enn 170 000 medarbeidere. Fujitsu globalt tilbyr et verdensomspennende nettverk av system- og serviceeksperter med høypålitelige databehandlings- og kommunikasjonsprodukter og avansert mikroelektronikk. Med hovedkontor i Tokyo, rapporterte Fujitsu en konsolidert omsetning på 4,6 billioner yen (NOK 295 milliarder) for regnskapsåret som ble avsluttet 31. mars 2010. For mer informasjon, se

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Date: 22 november, 2010
City: Oslo



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