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  6. Både markedet og leverandørene vil møte nye utfordringer som en konsekvens av overgangen til skyen. Fujitsu vil til bukt med sikkerhetsbekymringene i skyen og setter ny standard for skysikkerhet.

Fujitsu etablerer ny standard for skysikkerhet

Både markedet og leverandørene vil møte nye utfordringer som en konsekvens av overgangen til skyen. Fujitsu vil til bukt med sikkerhetsbekymringene i skyen og setter ny standard for skysikkerhet.

Oslo, november 26, 2010

Fujitsu setter en ny sikkerhetsstandard for private og sikre skymiljøer gjennom å innføre et avansert sett tilleggsfunksjonaliteter som inneslutter infrastrukturen som en tjenesteytelse. Ved å fjerne sikkerhetshindre langs veien legger Fujitsu til rette for å akselerere bedrifters overgang til skybaserte tjenester.

I følge en rapport gjennomført av Forrester Research kalt ”Security and the Cloud”, er sikkerhet den fremste grunnen til at organisasjoner ikke bruker skytjenester. Nyere forskning gjennomført av Fujitsu viser også at 88 % av dagens databrukere er bekymret for hvem som har tilgang til deres data.

Kjell Erik Tenold, administrerende direktør i Fujitsu Norge, tror mange bedriftsledere nå endelig vil oppleve skyen som et reelt alternativ:

- Det er nok flere som har vært bekymret for sikkerhetsproblematikken knyttet til skyen, men med denne nye standarden fra Fujitsu tror jeg vi skal kunne overtale selv de mest nølende.

Den engelske pressemeldingen følger i sin helhet under.

Fujitsu Sets a New Standard for Cloud Security

Addresses security concerns with comprehensive security enhancements to enrich private and trusted cloud services, at no additional charge

Munich, November 24, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces that it is setting a new security standard for private and trusted cloud environments, with a comprehensive set of additional measures that lock down its Infrastructure as a Service offerings – removing a roadblock to the accelerated enterprise adoption of cloud-based services.

According to an independent research report from Forrester Research, Inc. entitled Security And The Cloud*: “Concerns about security are the most prominent reasons that organizations cite for not adopting cloud services…. The advent of secure cloud services will be a disruptive force in the security solutions market.”

In addition, recent research** by Fujitsu confirms that an overwhelming 88 percent of people are worried about who has access to their data. By ensuring that data placed into private, trusted and hybrid cloud environments is as secure as information in companies' own datacenters, Fujitsu expects the adoption rate of cloud-based services to accelerate.

Fujitsu's security offering for private and trusted cloud environments consists of a comprehensive standard package of security measures including intrusion detection and prevention, firewalling and secure web server. To provide additional peace-of-mind, customers may also choose from a rich set of additional services, should they wish to add a further level of impenetrable security and data protection.

“The economic and business velocity benefits to customers of moving some or all of their IT infrastructure to a private-, trusted- or hybrid-cloud-based model are now very clear,” says Andre Kiehne, Vice-President Services at Fujitsu Technology Solutions. “Independent research underlines that concerns about security have been holding customers back. This is exactly why Fujitsu is now introducing of a new standard for private and trusted cloud security at no additional cost. In many cases, customers' information and services are now much more secure when hosted by Fujitsu in Tier 3+ data centers than when they are managed in-house.

“As companies start moving more to cloud-based services, so security is increasingly a weak point,” adds Kiehne. “By allowing an intruder easy access to a private cloud, you are effectively presenting them with the keys to your kingdom – which is why we are introducing a new security standard for cloud.”

Fujitsu's global cloud network By trusted cloud, Fujitsu refers to shared environments for a limited number of companies with separated network and virtual servers and storage, running in a Fujitsu data center. Private cloud is defined as a single enterprise-specific environment with dedicated IT systems, located either on-premise with the customer or in a Fujitsu data center.

A global network of datacenters boasting a high level – Tier 3+ – of security forms the foundations for Fujitsu's hosted cloud services. As standard, all Fujitsu datacenters feature redundancy for all critical infrastructures, starting with power supplies for networking components and access lines. ISO certification confirms security for information technology, environmental compatibility and transparent quality management.

To protect against unauthorized access or attacks on customers' data, Fujitsu provides dedicated V-LAN access in combination with firewalls and high-secure access, plus secure VPN tunnels. The physical location of customer data is also taken into account to comply with local and EU law. As a standard, customer data in the cloud is fully encrypted, and customers have exclusive responsibility for retaining the keys.

Comprehensive security services A total of 13 different security packages are contained within Fujitsu's cloud security offerings. All existing and new cloud customers are now provided with the standard security package, which is available both for trusted and private cloud environments.

For customers looking for an additional layer of security, or for additional functionality in managing the data in their trusted or private cloud environment, Fujitsu offers additional optional security measures and tools – including full data encryption, high-security access via one-time passwords, which can be provided via SMS or a special token. Organizations looking to control the flow of data in and out of their cloud can also choose anti-spam and content filtering, as well as secure email archiving to ensure that email is stored in line with compliance legislation, but also easily searchable.

Notes to editors

* “Security And The Cloud, Looking At The Opportunity Beyond The Obstacle”, by Jonathan Penn with Heidi Shey, Christopher Mines, and Chetina Muteba. Published in October 2010 by Forrester Research.

** "Personal Data in the Cloud: A Global Research of Consumer Attitudes," commissioned by Fujitsu Research Institute and produced by Fujitsu Global Business Group (part of Fujitsu Limited). Based on data compiled as a result of a market research project undertaken by ORC International Limited on behalf of Fujitsu Global Business Group, from a total of 3000 respondents from Australia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the UK and the USA. Available online (1.66 MB ).

Pressekontakter Fujitsu Norge Raymond Olaussen, Teknologidirektør Tel. +47 97 70 78 29, E-post

Fujitsu Norge Anders Eiken, Markeds- og PR-direktør Tel + 47 90 24 23 32, E-post

About Fujitsu Fujitsu is a leading provider of IT-based business solutions for the global marketplace. With approximately 175,000 employees supporting customers in 70 countries, Fujitsu combines a worldwide corps of systems and services experts with highly reliable computing and communications products and advanced microelectronics to deliver added value to customers. Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 4.6 trillion yen (US$47 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2009. For more information, please see:

Om Fujitsu Fujitsu er en av verdens ledende leverandører av IKT-baserte forretningsløsninger. Selskapet leverer produkter og tjenester i over 70 land gjennom en arbeidsstyrke bestående av mer enn 170 000 medarbeidere. Fujitsu globalt tilbyr et verdensomspennende nettverk av system- og serviceeksperter med høypålitelige databehandlings- og kommunikasjonsprodukter og avansert mikroelektronikk. Med hovedkontor i Tokyo, rapporterte Fujitsu en konsolidert omsetning på 4,6 billioner yen (NOK 295 milliarder) for regnskapsåret som ble avsluttet 31. mars 2010. For mer informasjon, se

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Date: 26 november, 2010
City: Oslo



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