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Product Safety

We provide professional consulting services and support you

  • in meeting product safety requirements (national and international)
  • as well as arrange for compliance certifications (national and international)
  • with our fast service, consulting and debugging during the development process, even at short notice!

For your specific needs:

  • Complete product safety CE approval tests (basis for CE mark and approvals) or
  • Product safety CE checks - We check the most critical spots based on many years of experience.
  • Customer specific measurements


Product safety – visual tests

  • visual testsReview of the enclosure concerning fire protection/mechanical hazards
  • Examination of the clearance and creepage distances (with disassembling of the power supply, check of tracing and position of components in primary and secondary)
  • Protective earth connection and markings of the product

Product safety – electrical tests

(up to 500 V / 44-66 Hz / 75 A)
  • electricial testProtective earth.
  • Electric strength.
  • Leakage current.
  • Abnormal operating and fault conditions.

Product safety – mechanical tests

  • mechanical testEnclosure openings (access to hazardous voltages).
  • Mechanical strength and stress relief (using the steel ball, steady force and tilt tests).

Ecological Certification

Compliance certification and consulting

Energy Efficiency Measurements

To reduce its carbon footprint an electronic product shall have a minimized power consumption in all operating modes. Limits are defined by serveral national and international authorities.