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Environmental simulation

We provide climatic, thermography, mechanical, packaging, sound emission and reliability testing for PCs, data processing and communication technology, industrial controllers, domestic appliances, medical equipment and more. Our professional services and support help you meet climatic, mechanical and sound emission requirements as well as improve product quality. Consulting and debugging services are available during the development process – even at short notice. All our environmental testing complies with international standards and we also accommodate customer-specific checklists.

Examples of our services

Thermography (functional performance under requested climatic conditions)

  • Measurement of surface temperatures without thermal couplers.
  • Locate “hot spots” and identify measurement points for climatic tests.

Climatic testing (functional performance under requested climatic conditions)

  • Find out if there is sufficient cooling of critical components (e.g. processor, transformer, choke coil).
  • Determine what happens to a product if enclosure openings are blocked.
  • Support the heat management system development process.

Mechanical testing (functional performance under requested mechanical conditions)

  • Determine vibration occurring during installation and operation at a customer site or building (e.g. caused by cable cars or subways and simulated using a shaker).
  • Investigate cause of damages and errors, provide appropriate solutions

Packaging testing (e.g. drop, transport and case tests)

  • Determine the vibration occurring during packaging, transport or in notebook cases.
  • Develop solutions to improve protection during transport.

Sound emission (according to your specifications)

  • Locate sources of noise and provide solutions.
  • Compare components from different manufacturers.

Wear lifespan testing (e.g. climatic, mechanical, pollution, durability)

  • For quality assurance of PCs, notebooks, keyboards, mice, organizers, pagers, notebook cases, transport cases for mobile offices, CD-ROMs, mobile phones, gamepads & joysticks, PC wheels & pedals, and more.


functional performance under requested climatic conditions


functional performance under requested climatic conditions


Mechanical shock and vibration


Drop, transport and case testing to:


Reliability tests