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Find the right decisions and calculation for your IT Investments

IT Investment Decision Support

IT Investment Decision Support® from Fujitsu describes a tried-and-tested and approved evaluation process for the appraisal of IT infrastructure projects for business. It allows participants to see at a glance what impact a planned infrastructure project will have on business in a specific IT environment on the basis of currently available data. The ROI is just one of many measured values that play a role in this process and that can affect a decision.

IT Investment Decision Support help Fujitsu’s customers to:
  • Let assess planned infrastructure projects by our experts and identify investment and savings potential to achieve rapid return on investment
  • Obtain a solid basis of business information that supports all corporate departments – from technical units to the controlling department and top management – in arriving at a sound decision on the optimization project under review
  • See at a glance whether an infrastructure project makes sense in terms of return on investment (ROI)