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Partner Program

By being selective and partnering with key modernization specialist organizations across the globe, Fujitsu is able to provide a very wide portfolio of capabilities enabling us to modernize in excess of 95% of the applications we encounter. 

The Application Modernization Partner Program only includes organizations of the highest caliber. Each brings many years of skill and experience into the partnership and allows Fujitsu to provide you with an extensive set of modernization options. 

For more information about our partners, click the company logo and visit their websites.

Vendor Partners

Microsoft      Red HatOpen a new window

Modernization Partners

Morphis     Convert U2Open a new window      GT SoftwareOpen a new window
Rocket SoftwareOpen a new window     FreeSoftOpen a new window      GUPTAOpen a new window
TSRIOpen a new window     MSS InternationalOpen a new window      JumarOpen a new window
DatalynxOpen a new window