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Cloud Modernization

Fujitsu is a leading provider of customer-focused information technology solutions and Cloud Services for the global marketplace. Fujitsu’s Application Modernization services enable organizations to leverage the years of investment they have made in their application assets, deliver more from IT budgets and reduce the risk of implementing new technologies. Fujitsu’s capabilities include enabling clients to leverage Cloud Services by either migrating or modernizing existing legacy systems.
  • AMA – Our Application Modernization Analytics services can identify the suitability of systems for specific cloud services. We help you decide what, if anything, would enhance your business by moving to the cloud. 
  • System Analytics can seek out issues, warnings and inefficiencies within bespoke applications so that they can be fixed to make your systems ‘cloud ready.’ 
  • AMI - The User Interface Integration service allows for rapid modernization of the front end via Fujitsu cloud services to all modern user devices such as mobile, tablets and notebooks. 
Our migration services help clients move applications from non-compliant technology to cloud ready technology such as Linux and Windows, Java and .NET and current relational databases.
By collaborating with members of our global Partner Program we help your organization move the applications that you have built over the years on to modern, cost effective cloud platforms and take advantage of the benefits they offer.

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