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  5. University Campus Suffolk improve data centre efficiency with Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX® vShape

University Campus Suffolk improve data centre efficiency with Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX® vShape

"Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX® vShape’s key advantage is that it includes all the necessary elements so we didn’t have to cast around for components. Fujitsu plays to its own strengths in the hardware space while partnering with best-in-class software providers like VMware."

Peter O’Rourke, Director of IT Services, University Campus Suffolk

The customer

UCS is a new kind of higher education institution that allows students to access the knowledge and resources of its two validating universities, the University of East Anglia and the University of Essex, as well as local colleges and the wider community. Teaching and research is underpinned by an academic infrastructure that includes many top Professors and Visiting Professors and UCS has achieved high rates of employability and increasingly strong National Student Survey outcomes. Since its foundation in 2007, student numbers have grown consistently to approximately 4,500 FTEs in 2011/12.

The challenge

UCS was faced with greatly reduced space in its new data centre, which, combined with aging legacy servers, led it to explore the possibility of implementing a virtualised server environment.

The solution

UCS selected Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX® vShape 100, a ‘virtualisation infrastructure-in-a-box’ package.

The benefit

  • The vShape solution costs about 30% of the cost of a like-for-like physical hardware replacement
  • Power consumption is reduced by 80% – saving money and reducing UCS’s carbon footprint
  • Easier maintenance will minimise the burden on the IT support staff and free time to focus on more strategic objectives
  • vShape brings best in class vendors together in one package but Fujitsu remains a single point of contact making support transparent and effective
  • A subsequent phase of the project will reduce disaster recovery time to a matter of hours rather than the week it currently takes