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Infrastructure IT SAP® gérée

Exploitation efficace de votre environnement SAP

L'infrastructure IT SAP® gérée de Fujitsu garantit le fonctionnement efficace de votre environnement SAP®. Elle offre aux clients des modèles de livraison flexibles, une bonne rentabilité et des risques sensiblement réduits. Fujitsu fournit des services opérationnels et d'assistance, concernant notamment l'hébergement des infrastructures, sur site ou à partir de ses propres Data Centers.
Parmi les services proposés, citons l'exploitation des infrastructures SAP®, l'assistance et la maintenance du système et des bases de données SAP®, ainsi que des services préventifs tels que la sauvegarde, la restauration ou la reprise après incident.

Scénarios d'utilisation

  • Améliorer la qualité du service
  • Accroître la réactivité
  • Gérer la complexité
  • Transformer les coûts fixes en coûts variables


  • Fonctionnement 7 jours sur 7 et 24 heures sur 24 avec disponibilité garantie d'un personnel expérimenté
  • Transparence des coûts grâce à la flexibilité des concepts de paiement et de gestion des actifs
  • Gestion dynamique des ressources et SLA clairement définis

Document library

  • Japan , Industry: Manufacturing
    Toyo Gosei gets financial business results by ten times faster with Microsoft Azure

    Improving performance and strengthening disaster response measures by migrating on premise SAP systems to Microsoft Azure. Tags: SAP Solutions

  • Germany , Industry: Manufacturing
    The Managed on-premise Cloud Solution combines professionally-managed SAP hosting with keeping data in the data center at AKG Group

    Careful outsourcing with Fujitsu Managed on-premise Cloud for SAP Solutions. The customer retains control over data whilst relieving strain on internal IT department. Tags: Data Center , Storage Solutions

  • United Kingdom , Industry: All
    SAP Solutions

    The operation of internal and external customer systems demands an agile and innovative storage strategy. Fujitsu are developing this strategy together with implementing it as part of Managed Storage services Tags:

  • Germany , Industry: Insurance
    Fujitsu Data Center Management & Automation monitors AOK’s holistic IT infrastructure

    AOK’s Hannover data center has benefitted from considerably increased reliability since the introduction of Fujitsu DCMA. The administrators can now intervene early to prevent errors. Almost all of the server and network components at the Hannover data center have now been added to the monitoring system with Fujitsu DCMA. Tags: Data Center , SAP Solutions

  • India , Industry: Telecommunications
    PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA now accelerates all relevant business procedures of Sterlite

    After evaluating multiple vendors, the company decided to extend the collaboration with its proven SAP software support provider, Fujitsu. FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX® for SAP HANA® now supports Sterlite sales, logistics, production and supply chain operations with the leading-edge in memory technology to gain the full benefit of SAP Business Suite on HANA and SAP BW on HANA. Tags: Integrated Systems , SAP HANA, SAP Solutions

  • Italy , Industry: Food & Beverage
    Caffè Moak accelerates business intelligence evaluations from 8 hours to near-real time with Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA

    Focused on expanding the target market and growing the business, the managers of Caffè Moak decided in 2016 to upgrade the company’s now obsolete IT system and adopt the SAP HANA environment, with a view to achieving real digital transformation. In the summer of that year, the company then embarked on a short but intense phase of analyzing the hardware platforms that were currently available on the market. Tags: IT infrastructure , SAP HANA, SAP Solutions, Storage Solutions

  • Germany , Industry: Manufacturing
    PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes makes the global expansion of AKG easier

    Originally founded in 1919, AKG Group has gone on to become a world leader in unique cooling and heat exchange systems. In 2011, the family company, which today employs around 2,600 people (1,200 at its Hofgeismar headquarters), achieved sales of €270 million. The Group manufactures its high-performance cooling systems at 13 locations in eight countries. Tags: SAP Solutions

  • United Kingdom , Industry: Utilities
    Electricity Supply Board Interactive Voice Recognition

    The ESB decided Fujitsu's Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) solution from InterVoice™ would be implemented at its Cork and Dublin Customer Contact Centres and would improve customer service and reduce waiting times without any extra resourcing requirements. Tags:

  • Germany , Industry: Manufacturing
    PRIMERGY and ETERNUS systems help Remmers to migrate to SAP HANA

    SAP HANA enables Remmers to produce real-time reports for its sales, accounting and reporting departments in 26 companies across Germany and abroad, even dealing with the different currencies. The entire SAP environment is hosted from the company’s headquarters in Löningen, with the two redundantly designed data centers ensuring high availability. Tags: SAP Solutions

  • India , Industries: Manufacturing , Retail, Retail-Wholesale
    Tara Jewels automated its business processes and increased productivity with Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA

    Since its foundation in 2000, Tara Jewels has relied on SAP® to support critical business functions such as ERP and finance. However, accessing the accumulated data and producing reports quickly became difficult and time-consuming. The company wanted to introduce a more effective automated platform to make its operations more efficient. Tags: SAP HANA , SAP Solutions, Storage Solutions, System Efficiency