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  6. Dual Port 10 Gbit/s CNA Mezzanine Card V2

Dual Port 10 Gbit/s CNA Mezzanine Card V2

As member of the Emulex OneConnect™ Universal Converged Network Adapter (UCNA) family, the MC-CNA112E mezzanine card (Emulex OCe11102) adapter supports a common infrastructure for networking and storage, reducing capital expense (CapEx) for adapters, switches and cables, and operational expense (OpEx) for power, cooling and IT administration.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
One platform for every network connection
  • Optimized network and storage connectivity with high-performance FCoE offload and iSCSI offload.
  • Superior network support with TCIP/IP and TCP Chimney offloads.

  • Single 10GbE adapter can replace Host Bus Adapter (HBA) and multiple 1GbE Network Interface Cards (NICs).
  • Easy to deploy and manage with the Emulex OneCommand Manager application or with ServerView Virtual I/O Manager.
Universal Multi-Channel
  • Each NIC function is presented to the operating system or hypervisor as a physical port with a separate MAC address and user-assigned bandwidth. This enables a single adapter port to provide specialized NIC functions for different uses, such as payload traffic, guest migration and console management.
  • OneConnect Ethernet adapters present four NIC functions per port. OneConnect iSCSI and FCoE adapters present one iSCSI or FCoE function plus three NIC functions per port.

  • OneConnect Universal Multi-Channel (UMC) allows multiple PCI functions to be created on each adapter port.
Network Convergence
  • Transmission of storage and network traffic over a converged lossless network based on IEEE Data Center Bridging (DCB) standards.

  • Network convergence delivers significant cost savings by eliminating separate infrastructures for storage and networking and supporting bandwidth allocation to optimize throughput.
Greener data centers
  • Industry-leading performance and scalability per watt, reducing requirements for power and cooling.

  • Protocol offload enables efficient use of computing resources, supports more VMs per CPU, and reduces the number of
  • servers required to support data center demands.

Technical details

Controller SiliconBladeEngine 3 (BE3)
Bus transfer rate8GT/s
Standards- ANSI INCITS T11 FC-BB-5 2.0, FC-PI-2, FC-GS-4, FC-TAPE, and FCP-3
- PCI Express base spec 2.0, PCI Bus Power Management Interface, rev. 1.2, Advanced Error Reporting (AER)
- IEEE 802.3ae (10GBASE Ethernet Ports)
- IEEE 802.1q (Virtual LANs)
- IEEE 802.3ad (Link Aggregation)
- IEEE 802.3x (Flow Control)
- IEEE 802.1p (Quality/Class of Service)
- IEEE 802.1Qaz (Enhanced Transmission Selection)
- IEEE 802.1Qaz (Data Center Bridging Capabilities Exchange)
- IEEE 802.1Qbb (Priority-based Flow Control)
- IEEE 802.1ab (Link Layer Discovery Protocol)