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Fibre Channel

Fibre Channel is the standard for host-storage connections in the open systems world.

Support for this standard was introduced with the version of BS2000/OSD-BC V5.0B, so this connectivity standard is now available for the entire range of actual BS2000/OSD business servers.

Key benefits of Fibre Channel connection technology are high transmission rates and extremely short response times. It enables the integration of the servers into an enterprise storage area network (SAN), thereby also allowing their integration into a storage consolidation scheme based on the most advanced connection standards.

Fibre Channel is the standard connection technology for disk and tape peripherals on the SQ servers. Since the release of BS2000/OSD-BC V5.0B, Fibre Channel connection technology is also supported on the S series. FC channels on S servers operate at 100 MB/s. Performance scores of up to 95 MB/s were recorded on S systems with Fiber Channel interface, thus almost reaching the maximum theoretical throughput of 100 MB/s in real-world use. Fibre Channel makes standard connection technology available for disk, tape library subsystems and network connection that features high transfer rates and extremely short response times.