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High-speed Net Connect HNC-VI 91855

BS2000 HNC-VI 91855

FUJITSU NetworkThe HNC-VI 91855 (High-speed Net Connect) is a powerful network interface unit for BS2000 systems offering even higher performance than previous models. It is a modular system based on a high-end PRIMERGY™ system running Linux™. The product is available in both floorstanding and rack mount versions.

Data throughput
It supports Fiber Channel connections to server and Fast Ethernet™ and Gigabit Ethernet™ for LAN interfaces. With openNet Server V3.4 installed, data throughput is up to two times faster than with the HNC-IV 91853, depending on operating mode and block size.

Virtual Machine System support

HNC-VI 91855 supports VM2000 (virtual machine) operation with up to 128 virtual network adapters (64 per host channel). Data transfer between different BS2000 systems can take place internally in the HNC-VI 91855 unit without increasing network load.
Key features Benefits
Channel connection
  • Fibre Channels channels are supported on the server side.
  • With the Fibre Channel (FC) channel type, effective is provided on the channel side for the high throughput performance of Gigabit LAN
Network connection
  • Fast Ethernet™ and Gigabit Ethernet™ connections are supported on the network side.
  • Fast secures an reliable connections of BS2000 systems to high-speed networks
  • Gigabit Ethernet in the backbone area and for connection to powerful systems.
  • Integration of the HNC-VI into a comprehensive redundancy concept for hardware and software.
  • Increase the fault tolerance of the network connections for the BS2000 systems.
  • Through a second HNC and crosswise installation of cables will realize redundancy data paths.
  • With the use of Jumbo Frames block size up to 9000 bytes is possible.
  • The data throughput of the HNC-VI is as much as two times that of the HNC-IV 91853, depending on operating mode and block size.

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