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  7. Fujitsu dévoile une nouvelle gamme de serveurs PRIMEQUEST 2000

Fujitsu dévoile une nouvelle gamme de serveurs PRIMEQUEST 2000

Asnières Sur Seine, April 12, 2014 Fujitsu today announces the FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST 2000 line-up, a brand new series of high-end servers that offer unprecedented x86 performance and memory expandability. The introduction of innovative mission-critical functionality guarantees business continuity, with availability levels equivalent to those of UNIX systems — but with the cost advantages of an x86-based architecture.

The new PRIMEQUEST 2000 series sets new levels of performance and system resilience that are unrivalled on any other x86 system. Fujitsu delivers a rock solid data center infrastructure foundation for organizations focusing on transforming their ICT into business-intelligent solutions, through the adoption of applications that use in-memory technology, such as the SAP HANA platform.

The new Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST line-up also includes 8-way servers with extra-large memory capacities of up to 12TB, with the PRIMEQUEST 2800B model ideally suited to handle bigger memory-intensive applications. The range-topping Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST 2800E model also sets a new performance world record eight-processor result running on Windows on the two-tier SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) standard application benchmark1.

Non-stop runtime at x86 cost efficiency

With the introduction of the PRIMEQUEST 2000 series, an x86-based solution is for the first time able to match both the performance and resilience of a Unix system, while convincingly winning the price-performance argument. As a result, Fujitsu presents enterprises with an alternative path for mission-critical computing deployments, where unplanned downtime is not an option. Complementing the launch, Fujitsu is also offering enterprise customers turnkey professional services to make migration from legacy systems a simple and trouble-free path – with the Fujitsu Global Delivery Center network able to remotely manage and monitor installations around the clock2.

Fujitsu gave top priority to non-stop runtime for mission-critical applications when designing the new PRIMEQUEST series. Systems feature self-healing advanced reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) components that have a built-in resilience to faults that may develop during runtime – but which can otherwise cause servers to shut down. PRIMEQUEST is able to detect and automatically compensate for these faults, ensuring that systems keep on running.

The top-of-the-range Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST 2400E and 2800E models also introduce another industry first: A new Dynamic Reconfiguration feature allows online replacement of system boards and therefore enables on-the-fly re-partitioning while the system is still up and running. Workloads can be shifted from one partition to another on a running server, therefore avoiding the need for any planned downtime or even operating system restarts.

PRIMEQUEST: Trusted around the world

With the introduction of the 2000 series, Fujitsu is now extending the PRIMEQUEST family as its flagship x86-based infrastructure solution. Thanks to their outstanding performance and reliability, generations of Fujitsu Server PRIMEQUEST are already trusted around the world for mission-critical applications by customers such as the Moroccan telecommunications firm Méditel, the General Authority of Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia (GACA), as well as the Brazilian telecommunications company VIVO and the Brazilian banking and financial services provider Banco Bradesco.

Supporting quotes

Hans-Dieter Wysuwa, Executive Vice President Products Technology and Channel, International Business, Fujitsu
“The server computing market is going through revolutionary times. Our new PRIMEQUEST infrastructure solution presents enterprises with a new choice of platform for running their mission-critical applications, while also providing the perfect building block for incorporating disruptive technologies like in-memory computing. PRIMEQUEST is capable of meeting new demands where existing data center technology just is not up to the mark, such as hugely increased requirements for memory combined with mission-critical levels of uptime. The new Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST 2000 series is the first x86-based server technology able to match UNIX systems for their RAS capabilities while also providing a compelling argument in terms of both system pricing and operational cost.”

Shannon Poulin, Vice President of Marketing for Intel’s Data Center Group
“With the introduction of the new Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST series that takes advantage of the recently introduced Intel Xeon processor E7 v2 product family, Fujitsu’s customers will be presented with a unique mission critical solution for their most data demanding workloads. Intel has worked hand-in-hand with Fujitsu to combine world-class performance and high availability at a lower total cost of ownership that alternative UNIX based systems simply can’t compete against. We’re also pleased to see new innovation including Dynamic Reconfiguration that enhances PRIMEQUEST’s value proposition as a leader in resilient mission-critical solutions.”

Jim Totton, Vice President and General Manager, Platform Business Unit, Red Hat, Inc
“Since PRIMEQUEST's introduction in 2005, Red Hat and Fujitsu continue to collaborate on enterprise features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, delivering a reliable and flexible platform needed for running and maintaining mission-critical operating environments. The PRIMEQUEST 2000 series provides a hardware partitioning solution, runs Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and offers new approaches to maintaining system uptime while delivering a flexible computing resource pool with features like Dynamic Reconfiguration. This ability to scale infrastructure capacity on the fly as business requirements fluctuate showcases Red Hat's and Fujitsu's continued commitment to delivering robust, scalable and reliable solutions for the most critical of business systems."

Nils Brauckmann, President and General Manager, SUSE
“Customers have long counted on Fujitsu to provide dependable, highly efficient infrastructure for data centers. Fujitsu and SUSE have optimized SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to deliver maximum performance per watt on the Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST server platform, ideal for enterprises modernizing their data centers with reliable, scalable energy-efficient solutions.”

Pricing and availability

The new FUJITSU PRIMEQUEST 2000 series is available to order from later this month. At launch, Fujitsu is offering three different PRIMEQUEST models. Pricing is according to region and specification. PRIMEQUEST is sold directly and via Fujitsu’s global Select Circle partner network.

Notes to editors

  1. The PRIMEQUEST 2800E (8 processors / 120 cores / 240 threads) achieved the leading 8-processor result on the two-tier SAP SD standard application benchmark, as follows: 47,500 SAP benchmark users. This was achieved running SAP enhancement package 5 for the SAP ERP 6.0 application, SQL Server 2012, and Windows Server 2012. The SAP certification number was not available at time of publication. Further information can be found at Results as of February 18, 2014.
  2. Service offerings vary by country, see:
  3. Plus d’informations sur les PRIMEQUEST:

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Date: 12 April, 2014
Ville: Asnières Sur Seine