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Aeon: TeamPoS 3000 self-checkout system

Making shopping fun

for adults and for children


Photo of 'Entrance' sign in English and JapaneseBy any measure AEON is a large retailer. In fact, the Nikkei Information Strategy magazine called it “Japan's Wal-Mart”. The company already operates more than 400 large-scale, general merchandise stores throughout Japan as well as in Malaysia, Thailand and China. AEON also operates around 600 supermarket outlets, more than 3,000 convenience stores and 3,500 specialty shops, in addition to shopping-mall development, financial services, entertainment, food services and much more.
Fujitsu was chosen to implement a new self-checkout solution, using technology based on its retail-hardened TeamPoS 3000 (TP3000) terminals, which are designed to withstand the rigours of high-volume checkout environments with easy serviceability.

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