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Full outsourcing ensures ICT operations of EEW Energy from Waste

"The relationship between EEW, the client and Fujitsu, the service provider was reciprocal, and we treated each other as equals. We are very satisfied with the performance and expertise of our service provider."

Christian Hoppe, Head of IT Management, EEW Energy from Waste GmbH

The customer

EEW Energy from Waste (EEW) is Germany's leading company in the field of environmentally friendly energy generation through waste incineration. EEW develops, constructs and operates waste incineration plants. The company currently has 19 plants in Germany and neighboring countries and incinerates a total of 5 million tons of waste each year. It uses the energy contained in this waste to create process steam for industrial operations, district heating systems for residential areas and environmentally friendly electricity for around 570,000 households. With an average 50 percent of the waste being made up of biogenic materials, EEW generates energy from renewable sources as defined by Germany's Renewable Energy Law, and saves around 1,000,000 tons of CO2 per year. EEW employs a total of approximately 1,250 people across its various sites and headquarters in Helmstedt.

The challenge

As part of a carve-out, EEW's entire IT landscape had to be extracted from the infrastructure of its former parent group E.ON and completely redesigned. EEW needed to establish new, seamless network connections between its 18 sites whilst also adhering to the strict regulations of the energy industry. The company began a full-scope outsourcing project, contracting Fujitsu to manage its entire IT infrastructure from the workstations to special applications, ensuring they remained reliable, highly available and performant.

The solution

Fujitsu's first step was to extract EEW's entire IT landscape from E.ON Group's infrastructure. This involved delivering an extensive package of services, competent consultation and tailored hardware components. The IT service provider was then tasked with managing the company's entire IT system under the terms of a full-scope outsourcing contract.

The benefits

  • Reliable, highly available and performant IT infrastructure for 1,250 employees
  • Professional IT services and competent advice – adhering to strict regulations
  • Stable, reliable IT operations in highly secure and certified data centers in Germany
  • Everything from the IT services to tailored hardware components are from the same provider, and all are ‘Made in Germany’


Read the full EEW Energy from Waste case study (233 KB/A4, 3 pages)